Iftar party invitation messages

Iftar party invitation messages: Iftar is the highlight of Ramadan because it gives us the opportunity to feel for the helpless, to come together to ask for mercy, to feel blessed. A table full of food never seems so attractive when we fast for our almighty dear and intend to break it with our loved ones with the order of Allah (SWT). To invite loved ones to an iftar gathering, you need some iftar party invitation messages and copywriting ideas. If you’re thinking of what to write on an iftar party invitation card or how to invite someone to an iftar party, check out these iftar party invitation messages and writing ideas below.

Iftar party invitation messages

Please accept our cordial invitation to the Iftar party on (date and time) at (location). It would be an honor to have you in our place.

In this holy month of Ramadan, we invite you to dine with us at our iftar party on (date and time) at (location). May Allah (SWT) give us good and Halal rizq.

MashaAllah Tabarakallah! We are enjoying the holy month of Ramadan, and an iftar party is a must to celebrate the holy festival of fasting. So please accept our invitation to a big iftar party on (date, time and place).

Iftar party invitation message

We are planning to organize an Iftar party at (place) on (date and time) to celebrate the joy of praying and fasting in Ramadan Mubarak. It will be a pleasure for us to have you. I hope to see you there.

May Allah fill your life with divine light and give us the opportunity to beg for mercy together in Iftar. You are invited to our Iftar party on (time, date and place).

Give us the joy you bring to the table with food. Show us the happiness you bring by sharing. Please accept our cordial invitation to the iftar party on (date and time) at (location).

Ramadan is a blessed month, and what can be most blessed is having the opportunity to have an iftar with you. Please accept the cordial invitation to our iftar party. I hope to meet you soon.

Join us at our iftar party and make the event beautiful at its best. Let’s take this opportunity to beg for forgiveness together fruitfully.

Messages for online invitations

Encouraging our spirit to remain steadfast and patient during the blessed month of Ramadan, we cordially invite you to our iftar party. RSVP: name and contact.

We wish we could invite you through the meeting, but here we are spreading the iftar invitation online. We believe that it will not prevent us from having iftar together. Join us on (date and time) at (location).

We invite you to our beautiful gathering of the Iftar party in this holy month of Ramadan. His presence would surely brighten up the event. Please join us.

Messages for online invitations

To celebrate the holy month of sacrifice and forgiveness, we cordially invite you to join the iftar party that we organize on (date and time) at (place).

Let us pray together for tranquility, peace and justice at an iftar party that we have organized on (date and time) in (place). We hope that your presence will make the event joyful and meaningful.

Iftar is the gateway to Jannah and forgiveness, where we can feel for those in need and pray for eternal peace. I hope you join us in our joyous iftar party arrangement.

Shout out to all Muslim brothers and sisters that they do not scoff at snacks and adhere to the fast with the proper rules. To celebrate your faith and patience, we have organized an iftar party on (date and time) at (location). Please join us.

We request the pleasure of your company in the iftar festival of holy Ramadan this year. The event is scheduled for (date and time) at (location). I hope to see you there.

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Iftar invitation texting

We look forward to your joyous presence at our iftar party at (location) on (date and time). I hope you bless us with your kind presence.

To our dearest Muslim brothers and sisters. You are invited to our iftar party on (day, time) at the venue).

We are ready to host this year’s big iftar party. You are all cordially invited to join us on (date and time).

Iftar invitation text message

Let’s break the fast together in the name of Allah (SWT). Let’s raise our hands to ask for forgiveness. Join us at our iftar party.

Find us at our beautiful iftar party arrangement this year on (date and time) at (name of venue). We hope to see you soon.

Mr. and Mrs. (Name) request the honor of your presence at the iftar party at their home on (date and time).

What better opportunity than to have iftar together celebrating Ramadan? Join the iftar party on (date, time and place).

We hope you will take advantage of the iftar gathering and pray to Allah for the peace of the community. Join us in this beautiful initiative.

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Joy comes in various forms and quantities on numerous occasions, but joy comes through a lovely gathering of friends and family or an acquaintance at an iftar party is wonderful because the reason is spiritual and significant at the same time. We hope that our compilation of iftar party invitations is suitable and that you can use them wherever you are hosting an iftar gathering in your home, office or restaurant etc. Write them on a card, post them on social media, use them in a letter. or electronic invitation, emails, what is an application or text; We know that they will serve the beautiful purpose of inviting a lovely crowd to the most beautiful iftar party. Let’s take advantage of Ramadan together.